Created on:
July 30, 2019

Four bleeding-edge cloud technologies right at your fingertips

At this point the cloud has already given a good glimpse of the endless capabilities it can offer. You see, a couple of years ago most of businesses could only dream of having the resources to access such computing power that cloud providers are offering right now for a very small fraction of the price.

Just imagine the classic example of having an on-premise data center with a couple of (very expensive) server blades that could give only so much horsepower to your whole enterprise application ecosystem. But today, you can basically have an elastic version of that same data center that can shrink and grow on demand with just a couple of clicks, saving your business enormous IT infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Additionally, the new wave of cloud technology brings much more than that. Bleeding-edge services and APIs that were once available only to businesses with huge resources, today they can be used by virtually every cloud subscriber for cents per call. Here are a four examples of what major cloud providers are offering that could put your business at the edge of the curve with just very little investment.

Artificial Intelligence

Long gone are the days where you’d had to purchase, configure and set up multiple servers and applications to get machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. Now you can basically go to your cloud’s provider console and have a self contained, fully managed, machine learning service in just minutes. For example, Microsoft Azure offers their Cognitive Services suite of APIs which include Computer Vision, Text Analytics, Speech Processing with out of the box trained machine learning models. The cost? Most of services start at $1 per 1,000 transactions.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology which offers incredible business possibilities by combining device hardware and cloud infrastructure. From devices measuring climate conditions in remote areas or as simple as motion detectors in your office meeting rooms, there are already plenty of options in the cloud to get a project going on quickly. Amazon Web Services has among their solutions, operating systems that you can load into your devices, global device controller solutions and data analytics specifically tailored for IoT. In this case you only provide the hardware and your cloud provider takes care of the rest by making things remarkably simple.


If you’ve done your homework about Blockchain you know it is a technology that is here to disrupt not only the financial markets but also the way businesses manage their transactional processes. Both Microsoft and Amazon are now offering very complete blockchain solutions out-of-the-box, ready to use in your Virtual Private Cloud, instead of having to go through the hassle of deploying your own servers or even more compromising, using the public blockchain networks.


Even though bots are not exactly bleeding-edge anymore, the technology that powers them today most definitely is. Rather than spending money on a canned Bot SaaS solution and spending hundreds of dollars per month, you can deploy a native bot that fits your custom needs on any of the major cloud providers for just a couple dollars a month. Some of them are Google’s DialogFlow, Microsoft’s Bot Framework or Amazon’s Serverless Bot Framework.


It’s hard to keep up with so many new services coming up from big players like Microsoft, Amazon and Google. That’s why at Astor we are always bringing the latest cloud technology available to our customers, making sure they don’t miss the next great opportunity to beat the market.