Astor Software LLC is a US company with headquarters in Northern Virginia and with additional offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are a tightly knit team that embraces and perfections the remote style of work.

Our mission is to build modern, transformative software solutions that can make a positive impact on our clients' journey.

We strive to make every project a unique experience, always ensuring the highest quality on the products we build while achieving outstanding speed of delivery.


At the start of any project we put particular focus on performing user experience work to ensure the delivery of a successful product that the stakeholders will love.

Our approach to building any product is iterative and incremental. This allows the results of our work to be tested early and often, making possible to take action on any deviations at the right time.

We encourage our customers to set measurable goals for any of the products that we build. This way we can effectively gauge the impact of the project in their business and have valuable feedback to continue in next iterations.



Sebastian is an IT industry veteran with over 13 years of experience building enterprise software for high profile multinational companies such as TeleTech Corp, The Coca-Cola Company, Globant, and Inter-American Development Bank among others. Always passionate about delivering value in every project, Sebastian has a track record of innovating and pushing the boundaries of technology building amazing products that have been often awarded and recognized by companies and fellow experts.


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